• "Bank" means The City Bank Limited (City Bank), its successors and its assignees.

  • "Working Day" means a day other than a Govt. Holiday or Friday/ Saturday that Bank is open for business in Bangladesh.

  • "Membership Rewards Catalog" means the catalog of Membership Rewards published by the Bank from time to time.

  • "Tk.", "Taka" or "BDT" means the lawful currency of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.

  • "USD" or "US Dollars" means the lawful currency of the United States of America.

  • "American Express" and "AmEx" means American Express International, Inc., its affiliates and licensees.

  • "Cardmember" means a holder of an American Express® Credit Card issued by The City Bank Limited, an individual whose name is in a Card Account and who is responsible for all transactions and liabilities on the Card Account. It includes Primary and any Supplementary Cardmember.

  • "Credit Card" means any American Express® Credit Card (Local/Dual), The University of Dhaka American Express® Card, City Alo American Express® Credit Card, American Express® Gold Credit Card or American Express® Platinum Credit Card issued by the Bank to the Cardmember and includes Primary, Supplementary and Replacement Cards. But any American Express Corporate Card issued by the bank will not be considered for this program.

  • "Card Account" means the Credit Card Account opened by the Bank for the purpose of entering all credits and debits received or incurred by the Primary Cardmember and the Supplementary/ additional Cardmember, if any, under the terms and conditions governing the Card Account.

  • "Program" means the American Express Membership Rewards Program (MR) in Bangladesh. The Membership Rewards Program is established by the Bank to reward and recognizeCardmembers for their loyalty and credit worthiness in the use of Credit Cards and does not constitute any promotion program or consideration for use of the Cards or any other services or commitment whatsoever and hence does not create any legal obligations on the Bank towards the Cardmembers. The Membership Rewards Program will enable Cardmembers to accumulate Membership Rewards Points that may subsequently be redeemable for rewards as detailed in this Membership Rewards Catalog subject to the conditions of the Program.

  • "Launch Date" means the date on which the Bank launches American Express Membership Rewards Program in Bangladesh.

  • "Enrolment Date" means the date on which Primary Cardmember's Card contract is created.

  • "Points" means Membership Rewards Points, accumulated by a Cardmember through participation in the Membership Rewards Program of American Express Credit Card in Bangladesh. Point calculation is determined by the Bank and can be varied from time to time.

  • "Service Establishment" means a business or organization which accepts American Express Credit Card in Bangladesh.

  • "Supplementary Cards" means a Card issued and whose charges are chargeable to the Primary Card.

  • "Reward" means a gift, service, voucher or entitlement available to a Cardmember under Membership Rewards program, as published in this Membership Rewards Catalog (that is current at the date of redemption request by the Cardmember) during the course of the same Membership Rewards Program.
2.1 Participation in the Membership Rewards Program is open to all American Express® Credit Cards issued by the Bank but not valid for any American Express Corporate Cards issued by the Bank.

2.2 Any American Express Credit Card, The University of Dhaka American Express Card, City Alo American Express® Credit Card, American Express Gold Credit Card and American Express Platinum Credit Card issued by the Bank will be automatically enrolled in the Program.

2.3 Points earned by any Supplementary Card(s) will automatically accrue to the Primary Card Account. Supplementary Cards cannot be enrolled separately from the Primary Card.

2.4 Each Cardmember holding an American Express Credit Card at the launch date nshall automatically qualify to participate in the Membership Rewards Program and may accumulate Membership Rewards Points. Any Cardmember acquiring Credit Cards after the launch date will participate in the Program from the date their Credit Card contract is created (Enrolment date).

2.5 No Membership Rewards Point shall accrue in respect of a transaction where Bank believes that:
  • A false, inaccurate, or fraudulent Credit Card transaction has occurred.
  • The accuracy, amount or other particulars of any Credit Card transaction are disputed by the Bank, a Cardmember, the Service Establishment or any other party.
  • The validity or any credit transaction for payment purpose is challenged for any reason whatsoever.
Following investigation, if the Bank determines that the transaction is valid and accurate in all respect; the Membership Rewards Points attributable to that transaction will be accumulated for the Cardmember.

2.6 Unless otherwise determined by the Bank, any breach of the terms and conditions governing the Card Account by any Cardmember shall automatically disqualify that Cardmember from participation in the Program and any Membership Rewards Points that have been accumulated by that Cardmember shall be immediately forfeited.
3.1 Except for the selected grocery stores and any promotional offers/campaigns, every Cardmember having an American Express Credit Card, The University of Dhaka American Express Card, City Alo American Express® Credit Card or American Express Gold Credit Card enrolled in the Program will accrue one Membership Rewards Point for every BDT 50 and US$ 1 spent on their Credit Card, charged and billed on the Card Account. American Express Platinum Credit Cardmembers will accrue two Membership Rewards Points for every BDT 50 and US$1 spent. All Cardmembers are also eligible to earn five Membership Rewards Points on every BDT 50 spent at the selected grocery stores in Bangladesh.

No Membership Rewards Points will accrue in the respect of:
  • Charges processed and billed prior to the Launch Date
  • Cash advances (ATM transactions)
  • Card Cheque transactions
  • Transactions made at any fuel station in Bangladesh
  • Charges for dishonored cheques
  • Any sort of fees, finance charges, interest charges, additional expenses, damages, payment of premiums for insurance policies or products, financial penalties of any kind, any legal costs and disbursements, charges or tax imposed on the account by the Bank from time to time, which will be debited to the Card Account.
  • Balance Transfers.
3.2 A Cardmember will accumulate Membership Rewards Points by reference to the value of retail purchases, less any reversals of retail transactions, made by that Cardmember using his/her Credit Card during the course of the Program. If any reversal of retail transactions occurs, the Membership Rewards Points accumulated against that transaction(s) would be deducted from total Membership Rewards Points balance; even if those Points have already been redeemed.

3.3 Membership Rewards Points accrued in a Credit Card are not the property of the Cardmember and cannot be transferred, cashed out, sold or otherwise assigned from one Cardmember to another.

3.4 Membership Rewards Points accrued in the Credit Card have no cash or monetary value.

3.5 Membership Rewards Points earned through spending by a Supplementary Cardmember will be credited to the Account of Primary Cardmember and could be used by the Primary Cardmember only for redemption of Rewards.

3.6 Bank may at any time vary the range of Credit Card transaction that qualifies for Membership Rewards Points under the Program.

3.7 Membership Rewards Points will accumulate on a daily basis by reference to the total value of qualifying transactions made.

3.8 In case of fraction amounts, the remaining unused transaction amount after calculating Membership Rewards Points for the whole amount in multiples of Tk. 50 and/or multiples of US$ 1 will not be accrued or clubbed with future qualifying transactions.
4.1 Points accumulated in your card account but not used within a subsequent period of 36 months from the earn date will expire every subsequent month. As an illustration - You earned 100 points in the month of March 2015 out of which 60 Points gets redeemed within 36 months from earn date, and therefore unused 40 MR Points will expire at the end of March 2018. Also, Points need to be redeemed at least one working day within banking hour prior to its expiry.

4.2 In case the Cardmember Agreement expires (i.e. the Card is cancelled), any Points, which have not yet been redeemed, will automatically be lapsed/revoked immediately from the Credit Card.

4.3 In case of expiration of a Credit Card, the accumulated Membership Rewards Points relating to that Credit Card shall be carried forward.

4.4 Unless otherwise determined by the Bank, each Membership Rewards Program will run for a specified period and the Bank shall determine the duration on each Membership Rewards Program period in its sole discretion.

4.5 The Membership Rewards Program is subject to automatic annually renewal unless discontinued by the Bank at its sole discretion.
The Bank will notify the number of Points accrued to the Primary Cardmember in the monthly Card statement of the Primary Account.
6.1 Membership Rewards Points may be redeemed provided all enrolled Credit Cards are in good standing at the time of the redemption request. Any redemption request of Cardmembers having an overdue with 1 month or above aging, at the time of the redemption request, would not be eligible.

6.2 Membership Rewards Points accrued in the Cardmember's Credit Card can only be redeemed by the Primary Cardmember.

6.3 Annual fee waiver is only applicable for Primary Cards. The same is not applicable for Supplementary cards. With this benefit, unpaid portion of Annual fees and other card related fees can be paid by a Cardmember through redeeming the available Membership Rewards Points. Cardmembers also need to place request for redemption within the last payment date of the statement in which the fee is imposed.

6.4 In case of Service Establishments with multiple outlets, the Cardmember must select the specific outlet from which s/he will redeem the voucher at the time of making redemption request to the Call Center.

6.5 By redeeming a Reward, the Cardmember releases the Bank and its affiliates from any and all liability regarding the redemption or use of the Reward.

6.6 Any dispute concerning goods or services received as a Reward under the Program shall be settled between the Cardmember and the Service Establishment, which supplied the goods or services. The Bank will bear no responsibility for resolving such disputes, or for the dispute itself.

6.7 The Bank is not responsible for lost or stolen Rewards and Reward vouchers.

6.8 Redeemed Rewards are not exchangeable for other Rewards, or refundable, replaceable, or transferable for cash or credit under any circumstances.

6.9 Reward voucher will have a validity of 2 months from the date of issuance. In case of special/campaign voucher, the validity may differ.

6.10 Once accrued Membership Rewards Points in a Cardmember's Credit Card have been redeemed for any Reward in the Program, such Points cannot be refunded or transferred back into the Cardmember's Program Account.

6.11 Information supplied on the redemption of Rewards may be used by the Bank or the Service Establishments that provide the Rewards for administrative and marketing purposes.

6.12 The Bank reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute the Rewards or the Rewards conditions at any time with or without notice.

6.13 All Membership Rewards are subject to availability and certain restrictions may apply. The redemption procedure and the terms and conditions applicable to each Reward are set forth in the Membership Rewards voucher issued to the Cardmember.

6.14 Any additional meals, transportation or accommodation arrangements made in connection with any Membership Rewards will be the sole responsibility of the Cardmember.

6.15 In the event that the Reward takes the form of a cash coupon, should the Cardmember purchase goods or services in excess of the value noted on the cash coupon, the Cardmember must use the Card to settle payment or the difference to the participating Service Establishment.

6.16 Unless otherwise specified, allowing usage of the Membership Rewards voucher in association with other special offers offered by the Service Establishment will be at the sole discretion of the Service Establishment.

6.17 Issuance of a dining or travel Membership Rewards voucher might not constitute a reservation. The Membership Rewards voucher holder is responsible for making all reservations and notifying the participating Services Establishment of the Reward(s) they are going to redeem.

6.18 Other American Express Credit Card benefits may not apply to goods or services received as Rewards under the Program.

6.19 Cardmembers may accumulate Membership Rewards Points and redeem those Points for Rewards from the current Membership Rewards Catalog only.

6.20 If the stocks of any Reward have been exhausted and Bank cannot replace it with a similar product/model of equivalent value, that Reward shall cease to be available. Bank shall have no obligation or liability to any Cardmember or any other party where a Reward ceases to be available. Where a Cardmember attempts to claim a Reward that has ceased to be available, Bank will advise the Cardmember of that fact and the sole entitlement of that Cardmember shall be to claim an alternative Reward for a similar number of Rewards Points.

6.21 Cardmembers shall direct all enquiries, requests or correspondence in relation of the Membership Rewards Program, including redemption of Membership Rewards Points for Rewards, to the American Express Customer Service Center at 16234 (locally) or (+88) 02 8331040 (for overseas calls) or any such other number or numbers as may be notified by the Bank by general publication or otherwise from time to time. Cardmembers' redemption requests shall be made by telephone or other method approved by the Bank from time to time. Only Primary Cardmember will be able to request a Reward.

6.22 The Bank will issue a Membership Rewards voucher along with a Notification Letter to the Cardmember in his/her billing address advising him/her to collect the Rewards from a specific Service Establishment. The Cardmember will present the Membership Rewards voucher to the designated Service Establishment together with his/her Credit Card and sign an acknowledgement receipt for the Reward. The merchant will match the signature of the Cardmember with the back of the Credit Card and then deliver the Reward to the Cardmember.

6.23 It is anticipated that the Bank shall require 07 working days time to process Membership Rewards and send Membership Rewards Redemption Voucher to Cardmembers. Bank will have no liability for any delay in processing Rewards to Cardmembers or for any loss in transit or delivery.

6.24 Reward items in the form of a ticket or voucher shall, unless the Bank otherwise specifies, exclude any reservation fees, accommodation, insurance, travel tax or other taxes and fees. All such additional fees, charges or taxes applicable to the use of such a Reward shall be borne by the Cardmember and shall be paid directly to the Service Establishment by the Cardmember upon redemption or use of that Reward.

6.25 All taxes or duties or other Government or public utility fees or charges attributable to the redemption or use of any Membership Rewards shall be the exclusive responsibility of the Cardmember and the Bank shall have no liability of any kind in relation thereto.

6.26 A Cardmember may only be able to claim a Reward that is available in the most recent Membership Rewards Catalog at the date of redemption request or as decided by the Bank.
7.1 If a Card Account is not in good standing (overdue or in collection), the Cardmember's enrolment in the Program may be cancelled or Points accrued in the Program Account may be forfeited. A Cardmember's enrolment in the Program may also be cancelled or Membership Rewards Points accrued may be forfeited due to the Cardmember's failure to adhere to the terms and conditions governing the Card Account or the Program.

7.2 If a Cardmember cancels his/her Card(s), or for any reason the Bank cancels any Card Account, any Membership Rewards Points accrued in the Program Account will, at the discretion of the Bank, be suspended and will not be capable of redemption. Such Points accrued in the Card ember's Card Account might be forfeited even when the Card ember reinstates his Card account(s).

7.3 The Bank assumes no responsibility for any loss of whatever nature resulting from the redemption of Membership Rewards.

7.4 The Bank can suspend or terminate the Program at any time it deems necessary. In such a case, the Bank may or may not give advance written notice to Primary Cardmembers.

7.5 The Bank reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.

7.6 The Bank reserves the right to engage third party service providers in administering the Membership Rewards Program.

7.7 Fraud and abuse relating to the earning of Membership Rewards Points in the Program or redemption of Rewards may result in the forfeiture of accrued Membership Rewards Points as well as cancellation of a Cardmember's Card Account.

7.8 All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the Program or the eligibility of Membership Rewards Points for accrual or redemption of Rewards will be resolved by the Bank at its sole discretion.

7.9 The Card Account is not transferable.

7.10 Bank's failure to enforce a particular term or condition does not constitute a waiver of that term or condition by the Bank.

7.11 These terms and conditions are to be read in conjunction with terms and conditions governing the Card Account.

7.12 All Program date and records kept by the Bank, including information, shall be final and binding on all Cardmembers. No Cardmember shall be entitled to challenge the validity or accuracy of Bank's Membership Rewards Program, date or records for any purpose whatsoever.

7.13 The Membership Rewards Catalog is valid for any period as decided by the Bank.

7.14 Bank shall have no liability whatsoever in relation to any inaccuracy or mis-description contained in any Membership Rewards Catalog.

7.15 In performing of the Membership Rewards Program, Bank shall not be responsible for any delay or non-performance arising as a result of any matter beyond the reasonable control of the Bank. Matters beyond the reasonable control of the Bank shall include, without limitation, any breach, failure or non-performance by the manufacturer or merchant of any Reward; industrial disputes (including strike, lockouts and the like), acts of God (flood, fire, earthquake etc.), riot, demonstration or civil disturbances of any kind, damage or destruction to machinery, equipment or records of Bank or any Reward provider, acts of war or sabotage of any kind, any change in the laws, regulations or policies of Government of Bangladesh or in the interpretation thereof, or any other matter impacting on performance of the Rewards Program by the Bank. In such an event, all obligations of the Bank pursuant to the terms and conditions of Membership Rewards Program shall be suspended and the Cardmembers shall have no entitlement to file any claim or suit against the Bank or otherwise hold the Bank liable for the consequence thereof.

7.16 The decision of the Bank in all matters of the Program will be final and binding on theparticipants of the Program.
Notwithstanding anything contrary contained herein or in relation to the Program, the Banks issues the Membership Rewards under the Program as a recognition of loyalty and credit worthiness of Cardmember in the use of the Cards only and such Reward does not constitute any promotion or consideration or incentive for use of the Card relating to sale or purchase of any products, services or commitments whatsoever of the Bank and hence does not create any legal obligations upon the Bank towards the Cardmembers, Service Establishments or any other party in relation to and/or arising out of the Reward and/or the Program.
These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Bangladesh.
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