Q: What is Membership Rewards (MR)?
A: Membership Rewards is a loyalty program for American Express consumer credit cardmembers that rewards cardmembers for every purchase made with their Amex card.
Q: Who is eligible for the Membership Rewards program?
A: Any City Bank American Express consumer credit cardmember having either American Express® Credit Card, The University of Dhaka American Express® Card, American Express® Gold Credit Card or American Express® Platinum Credit Card but not American Express Corporate Card is eligible for the MR program.
Q: How can interested cardmembers enroll in this program?
A: All City Bank American Express consumer credit cardmembers are automatically enrolled in the Membership Rewards program (no additional enrolment procedure is required).
Q: How do cardmembers earn Membership Rewards points?
A: Cardmembers having City Bank American Express Credit Card, The University of Dhaka American Express Card or American Express Gold Credit Card earn 1 MR point for every BDT 50 or USD 1 POS or online purchase. American Express Platinum Cardmembers earn 2 MR points for every BDT 50 or USD 1 purchase. These include any purchase made through FlexiBuy installment purchase program and bills paid through EasyPay auto-debit facilities. Moreover, cardmembers can earn accelerated MR points at our selected partners.
Q: Can supplementary cardmembers also earn Membership Rewards points and claim a reward?
A: Supplementary cardmembers can earn Membership Rewards points for any purchase. However, the earned points are automatically transferred to the primary card account. Hence, only a primary cardmember can request for rewards through MR points redemption.
Q: What benefit a cardmember can get by redeeming his/her available MR points?
A: Cardmember can redeem his/her available MR points to avail MR gift voucher and gift card or pay card-related fees and outstanding.
Q: Can cardmembers claim rewards with irregular payment behavior?
A: Membership Rewards points can be redeemed provided the card is in good standing at the time of the redemption request. Any redemption request of cardmembers having an overdue with 1 month or above aging at the time of the redemption request will not be honored.
Q: How can cardmembers redeem Membership Rewards points for claiming a reward?
A: Cardmembers can place the MR points redemption request through our 24-hour Call Center at 16234 (for local calls) or at (+88) 02 8331040 (for local and international calls). However, for card fee and outstanding payments, cardmembers can also place request through Amex Service Centers, branches and
Q: When will cardmember receive the reward after placing the MR points redemption request?
A: Cardmembers will receive MR gift voucher or gift card within 07 working days of placing the MR points redemption request.
Q: How can cardmember keep track of his/her Membership Rewards points?
A: Monthly credit card statement will show the earned, redeemed, expired and available Membership Rewards points. Cardmembers also can call our 24-hour Call Center at 16234 regarding any MR related query.
Q: Will the earned MR points expire if cardmembers do not redeem them?
A: Points not redeemed in 3 years from the date of earnings will be expired at the end of every month on a continuous basis.
Q: When should cardmembers place MR points redemption request to avoid points expiry?
A: Redemption request for the MR points that will be expired needs to be placed at least one working day ahead of the expiry date.
Q: What happens to the cardmember's accumulated MR points when his/her credit card is upgraded/downgraded?
A: Membership Rewards points will automatically be transferred to the new card account.
Q: Can a cardmember break-up the total earned Membership Rewards points for multiple rewards?
A: Yes. However, it also depends on the availability of the items of cardmember's choice.
Q: When can cardmembers waive annual fees and pay outstanding amount with their available MR points?
A: For annual fees waiver and outstanding payment, cardmembers need to place the redemption request within the working hours of the last payment due date to avoid interest or Late Payment Charge. But for both annual fee & outstanding payment, cardmembers cannot waive/pay with MR points if the amount is already paid in cash. Annual fee of supplementary card cannot be waived with MR points.
Can cardmembers combine the earned Membership Rewards points of multiple credit cards for the redemption of one item?
A: The MR points earned on more than one card shall remain separate and cannot be aggregated for any purpose.
Q: Can a cardmember exchange MR points or vouchers for direct cash or credit?
A: A cardmember can redeem his/her points for payment of card-related fees and outstanding. However, MR points or vouchers are not exchangeable/refundable/transferable/replaceable for direct cash or credit.
Q: How will cardmembers settle the payment of any purchase of goods or services in excess of the voucher value?
A: Cardmembers must pay any amount in excess of the voucher value with his/her Amex credit card.
Q: Do cardmembers earn points when they use their American Express® Credit Card for cash withdrawal, flexiloan or card cheque transactions,?
A: Cardmembers earn MR points only on POS and online purchases. However, MR points do not get accrued for transactions at any fuel station in Bangladesh.
Q: What will happen to the accrued Membership Rewards points in case of reversal of any transaction?
A: If any transaction is reversed, the corresponding earned points will also be deducted from the points balance.
Q: What will happen to the earned Membership Rewards points when a card is closed?
A: If any Amex card is closed, the accumulated points which have not been redeemed yet, will automatically be lapsed/revoked.
Q: How can a cardmember get further information or raise query regarding MR program?
A: Cardmember can call us at our 24-hour Call Center at 16234 (for local calls) or at (+88) 02 8331040 (for local and international calls) for any sort of query.