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There is a better way to manage expenses. American Express® Corporate Card programs enhance control throughout the purchasing and payment process and provide the options and tools you need to manage your program efficiently. The bottom line: American Express Corporate Card programs help deliver significant savings across key expense categories.

We work with our customers to design world-class expense management programs to meet their needs. This is provided alongside a product set unmatched in the industry for its depth and breadth.

Our City Bank American Express® Corporate Card provides our customers with a convenient global solution to capture all travel and related business expenditure. It provides a straight-forward solution, which is critical for monitoring business spend.

Greater Savings

• Visibility of spend via standard and customized management information which will assist you to identify savings opportunities and leakage
• Comprehensive supplier and industry reports, enabling you to drive spend compliance enabling you to exert more negotiating power over suppliers
• Improved cash flow, with an interest free repayment period of up to 50 days and a reduction of in cash advances

Unrivalled Relationship Management

• Dedicated Account Management providing superior support to effectively support our Customers in the management of their expense management programs. Account Managers will help you evaluate and grow your program ensuring you receive maximum benefits.

• Dedicated Corporate Administrator Servicing in your local language, these specialists are there to work directly with your Corporate Administrators and help them in the day-to-day running of the program.

Take control while driving efficiencies

The American Express Corporate Card program is a powerful and flexible tool that maximises the efficiency of your Company's expense management program.

Enjoy the flexibility of a variety of spending limit options, designed to control high-risk spending and enforce your company's expense policies. Card restrictions include:
    - Overall spending limits
    - Industry spending limits
    - Cash Access limits
    - Individual Cardmember limits

Keep track with better management information
With American Express you can get a clearer picture of your Company finances and unlock your expense management potential.

Billing and payment options for greater flexibility
With the power to coordinate bill payments with your Company's payroll periods and reimbursement schedules, your Company can greatly improve its financial efficiency.

Cardmember statements can also be made the responsibility of individual Cardmembers, significantly reducing your Company's administrative workload.

Protect your Bottom Line with Liability Protection
The American Express Corporate Card Program has several liability options, ranging from company responsibility for charges to individual Cardmember responsibility for charges.

City Bank American Express® Corporate Cards Cardmember Benefits

American Express has always represented certain values – security, reliability and prestige – and these are reflected in the City Bank American Express® Corporate Card and the City Bank American Express® Gold Corporate Card, available to your employees.

Travel Benefits

Global Acceptance & Support: American Express Cards are welcomed around the world, and Cardmembers will be provided with local advice and services from Travel Offices located in over 140 countries.

Complementary Travel Insurance:1 Automatic entitlement to Travel Accident Insurance when your travel fares are charged to the Corporate Card, including emergency accident sickness and medical expenses, hijack cover and coverage for lost and delayed baggage and flights.

Travel Assist: A travel assistance hotline to assist Cardmembers both prior to and on their journeys. This hotline will advise travelers on local Visa, Embassy and Translation Services, as well as provide information on ATM locations and American Express Travel Service Offices. It will also support Cardmembers when legal, medical or repatriation services are required.

Personal Security

Medical Assist – 24x7 Emergency Assistance including the arrangement of medical services, dispatch doctors, hospital admission and arrangements of compassionate visits.

Double Benefit Insurance – Under the DBI program, Cardmembers are insured on the outstanding balance of their Corporate Card in the unfortunate event of death or permanent disability, an equal amount will be paid to the nominees of the Cardmember, subject to a fee.

All Accidental Death Insurance – Up to BDT300,000 for a City Bank American Express Corporate Cardmember, will be paid to the Cardmember’s nominees in case of an accidental death, this cover is complementary when the DBI program is opted for.

Fraud Protection – Cardmembers are not liable for fraudulent charges on their statement if their Cards are duly reported lost or stolen.


Express Cash – Cardmembers will have access to more than 900,000 American Express Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), seven day s a week, 24 hours a day, all situated in strategic locations such as airports and business centers. Up to half a Cardmember’s credit limit will be available to them should your Company make this option available.

E-Statements – Card Statements will be provided via email providing Cardmembers with an easy, convenient and eco-friendly way to check expenses wherever they are in the world.

SMS Alerts – To protect Cardmembers against fraud all Cardmembers have access to SMS alerts that are tied to their transactions, each time a transaction is completed they will be alerted by SMS. Payment reminders are also delivered in this manner.

24/7 Customer Services – Cardmembers can call City Bank American Express Customer Services 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. Our professional Customer Service personnel will assist on a range of queries from balance enquiries to card replacement and disputed charges.

Special Privileges

SELECTSSM - American Express SELECTSSM brings you exclusive privileges with an exciting selection of year round offers and savings both at home and abroad. Bring you an array of tantalizing offers from some of your favorite restaurants and hotels in Bangladesh and abroad. Pay with your City Bank American Express® Corporate Card to take advantage of these great savings every time.

For more information on SELECTSSM, please visit www.american

City Bank American Express® Corporate Gold Card Cardmember Benefits

City Bank American Express® Gold Card offers all the benefits of the Corporate Card as well as enhanced versions of Medical and Travel Assist, and the following programs:

Local Lounge Access – Corporate Cardmembers can enjoy complementary lounge access at the City Bank American Express Lounge at Hazrat Shahjalal Airport, Dhaka, regardless of airline and class of travel. The facilities available to Cardmembers are complimentary – hot food and drinks served by the Hotel Sheraton Dhaka, Widescreen TVs and WiFi connections for surfing convenience.

1. It is important for you to read the Terms & Conditions booklet available upon request from us and consider the appropriateness of the insurance in relation to your individual requirements

With our solutions, you can create a consistent program anywhere you do business

American Express support is available globally and our Cards are accepted by millions of merchants in over 200 countries, making our Cards the perfect travel companion. Furthermore, starting your program with American Express enables you to roll out solutions worldwide as your operations grow.

World Class Customer Service for Cardmembers
    - providing 24/7 support for Cardmembers throughout Bangladesh

Global Travel Offices
    - are open to our Cardmembers in over 140 countries, to support them in case of an emergency

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